Prorsuma Academy
Define your future by choosing the right education
What is Academy?
Prorsuma want to transform the educational process! We intend to be more than just a knowledge center and a dream job employer. Aim at providing you with the philosophy of staying wealthy and gaining more wealth by just knowing simple facts that each wealthy person learned and used for decades. Deliver this information in a simple manner, so everybody will understand. We aim to create a better future for all of our students and partners. In the end, the only thing that matters is family and what you did to make this world a little better place for all humanity.
Courses that we offer
Why you should join US?
Prorsuma Academy is offering our members to try and use their skills right away in live working processes and existing companies. The student can try to apply for a job or a test as soon as he passes the first week and finishes the testing process of the course. In that way, the student learns basic tools or adapts to our special software solution based on Prorsuma. And guess what? This is the moment you start earning if you’ve chosen us.
Simple start
In 3 easy steps
Your Roadmap
  • 1
    Get on board
    The right attitude and belief that you are ready to begin are the most important things we are looking for. Our specialists believe - everybody has a unique set of skills, but the current education process cannot unlock the potential of each individual. This is the place where our specialist will test your skills and offer you a position - based on your skills and potential.
  • 2
    Know how to study
    The most valuable ability of human beings is the right way to study and store knowledge. We provide a method that will make you look at education from a different angle - where technology is your friend & you will discover a whole new way of mobile experience by meeting our Prorsuma education software solutions. You will start doing things differently by thinking differently!
  • 3
    Choose a way
    Academy is offering a variety of courses to choose from - you can pass a simple test to review your skills, and our specialist will help you to choose your path. You will always have the ability to study where you want, but we highly recommend listening to our specialists.
  • 4
    Start Earning
    Our idea is that everybody should see the results. Small feedback will motivate you to move in the right direction and keep doing things as planned. Everybody on our platform will have instant rewards. After that, we will also provide a course to save your profit and store properly.
  • 5
    Increase Wealth
    Our platform will provide each student with a course containing basic knowledge on how money works. It's not about collecting banknotes under the pillow, it is about smart investing, understanding the market flow, and how the World Bank and financial institutions are operating your money.
  • 6
    Get Retired till 25
    Our philosophy is to achieve so much that we can get retired early and fulfill all our needs. Costs of living, leisure, and other things - you name it! You will have time to think about what can you give in return to build a better future generation of humanity (starting with your family) if you start at 13.
Why should I start a career in IT?

The average growth of the requests in getting a position within the IT industry has increased in the past 2 years by 10%. We are sure that this will continue to escalate and each year will bring more requests for skilled IT specialists. The average salary level in the field is between 16800€ to 54000€ per year. Besides, there is always an opportunity to join an innovative company.

Do you offer a program in different languages ?

We have an English-based course which is currently translated to Latvian, Russian, and Kazakh languages - only because we are actively working on these markets, and if you have a plan to cooperate - we are open for partnership and ready for dialog! Please visit the "About us" section and send a request!

Can I start with zero skills?

Absolutely anyone can join the course after small testing - we will offer a course regarding your skills and passions. Our experts will give you the advice to follow an individual path according to the abilities that you already have.

What is the minimum age of the student ?

We are happy to add students if they have basic knowledge of reading and typing. Currently, we are open to adding children from 13 years old, our specialists believe that at this age children can realize what they want and focus on the educational process. If you feel that your child is ready to join a program, we recommend getting a consultation with one of our integration specialists.

Will I get a certificate by the end of the course?

Yes, we are providing web3 certificates. They are located in a blockchain and stored like NFT - so that nobody can fake our certificate. You can be sure - if you lose your paper certificate you can restore it within the blockchain. You can print the certificate at home since the proof of authenticity is inside the blockchain. You will also have the possibility to order your certificate, translated and notarized in any language so it can be valid in any country.

Do you have an open position to join the team?

Our company has a partnership with five companies with SaaS services that are a part of our holding, we also have other verticals for working. The first step to start: to join the team, you will need to put an AD to ask for a job. We are open to offers - so please, contact us to collaborate.

Where I get additional help?

You are always welcome to contact our friendly support team that can help you solve any problem regarding Prorsuma.

How can I pay for the course?

Currently, we have connected partners that allow paying with cryptocurrency. We also offer “SEPA” payments. Those who want to pay using other solutions, such as electronic payment - please contact us, we will do our best.

Can I ask for a refund ?

Unfortunately, our policy is not refund friendly, and we cannot refund a full amount for the course, because of gateways fees and other expenses.