About US
We met to solve a problem that every entrepreneur is facing daily, by struggling with a lack of information about the client and the right task management between employees.

Our team met

That year I met one of our key figures in the company, where we worked on a solution for a team. We successfully did a few projects together and then started to cooperate on different projects together – where we met a talented designer who was delivering results right on time.


The idea

The idea of an ecosystem was floating in the air, where I saw many struggles in the team when performing daily tasks between multiple platforms. I started to write the idea of a place - to learn, get instant practice & do daily tasks for all team members in one place.



Wireframes were done, and technical documentation ware passed to developers. In a couple of months, we did a first run of the concept, it was great we finally saw the results live. I’ve shown the result to a couple of teams - they told me that the idea is great and they need these products.



Products were ready - and the team was using it as the first testing group. But there was a problem and that is easy purchasing - so we came up with “Marketplace” - to put all the features in one place and create plans, for easy integration in just one click.



Everything was ready for a big launch - our home page, platform, marketplace, and payment solutions were tested and ready to start receiving payments for our products. We are ready to show the world - what products we develop for them, to simplify business online experience.

Who we are


Software as a service business model for any type of business


A place where you have the ability to purchase in one click


Learning center to onboard new employees or get an education


All operations and unique features set in one place at Prorsuma


Developers sandbox to monetize their skills after the academy

HR Center

Job provider for all of our students & experts in the industry

Our Vision

We believe that everybody has a chance to get the best experience in controlling their online business like every big corporation only for less money. That is why our products are aimed at lowering marketing costs, increasing sales & organizing the inside processes - to build a modern & scalable business that will take less time to operate and bring more value. With the help of our partner software, our academy, our hr center & our solutions we united all in one ecosystem - to cover more markets and build a unique cycle, what we call a Prorsuma ecosystem cycle. Cycle in an ecosystem means that we are covering all aspects from the very begging of a simple employee who starts with an education in our “Academy” after which we are providing real job offers with our “HR Centre” or involve new developers/designers/sales or any other employee from the “Academy” program to join the “SandBox” program - so they can build products, be a part of a big community and earn a chance to submit for an opportunity to have there personal company shares of Prorsuma company - as a reward for giving all his power & time to create a better company together. We believe that everyone has a chance to have a better experience running online business, just like any large corporation, only for less money. That's why our products are designed to reduce marketing costs, increase sales and organise internal processes to build a modern and scalable business that takes less time and delivers more value. With our partner software, academy, HR centre and our solutions, we have combined everything into one ecosystem to reach more markets and build a unique cycle – the Prorsuma ecosystem cycle. This means that we cover all aspects from the very beginning of an employee's job, which starts with training at our "Academy". We offer jobs in our "HR Centre" or attract new developers/designers/vendors or other employees from the "Academy" to join the ''SandBox'' programme. In this way, you create products, become part of a great community and get the chance to apply for the opportunity to have your own personal Prorsuma shares – as a reward for giving your best effort and time to build a better company together.

Our goal

From the very first day of existence at Prorsuma - our goal was to build a strong ecosystem, that will unite all technological solutions in one place to provide everybody in every country the possibility to get knowledge, start a job, build a business or be an inventor. At Prorsuma we believe that - there are no borders no lines - just imagination and a path that is driving humanity to a better future. We will provide a platform to perform operations of any kind using: “Prorsum Software solutions” - including payment gateways through one of the most technological laboratories – “Ripple” then integrate “Identification solution” to help people maintain their privacy with “Ontology” blockchain. We will build a “Smart contract” solution to create an agreement that will be uneditable with the help of a blockchain called “Polygon”. In 2023 - 2024 build the “Metaverse” connection for creating our Main Office, HR agency, and Prorsuma Marketplace buildings - to enter our them in the “Metaverse” building we will use NFT. Currently working on a Web 3.0 to “Prorsuma” soon will be fully decentralized. Our goal at Prorsuma is to create a strong ecosystem that brings all technology solutions together in one place to allow everyone to gain knowledge, start a job, build a business or become an inventor anywhere. At Prorsuma, we believe that - there are no boundaries, no lines, only imagination, and a path that leads humanity to a better future. We will provide a platform for transactions of all kinds using "Prorsum Software Solutions" - including payment gateways through one of the most technologically advanced labs "Ripple", then integrate an "Identity Solution" to help people maintain their privacy with ''Ontology'' blockchain. We will build a ''Smart Contract'' solution to create a non-editable agreement using a blockchain called ''Polygon''. In 2023-2024, we will build the Metaverse connection to create our head office, HR agency, and Prorsuma Marketplace building. We will use NFT to input our data into the Metaverse building. We are currently working on Web 3.0 so that Prorsuma will soon become fully decentralised.