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The page is the main place where campaigns appear, and if the user can't create the campaign, it's the right place where the user can take the campaigns from and use them.

How to Create
Just press the button "Create new" - you will get a pop-up window with all the data you need to create the offer. Fill in all the fields - choose "Restrictions", then upload your “Materials” and don’t forget to set up the "Price per lead" so that each conversion will be easy to calculate.

Easy to understand filtering system that will help you navigate through your list of offers faster. Crystal clear table, representing "live prices per client" for the current offer in a specific region.


My Campaigns


The page performs the function of storing all the existing campaigns - with a bit of personalized set-up just for your marketing team or marketing partners, who will handle all the incoming traffic. We provide all the necessary features to work and track each incoming lead.

Click to Review
We designed our system to be super productive and understandable - therefore, we put all the crucial data in easy-to-understand and easy-to-use places. If you navigate to the table, you can open a pop-up window or get more data: click on the "ID" column or "Name" column, and a pop-up window will appear, where our client can easily control his campaign. Our client can control his materials, generated links, plan a budget, and copy tags code for putting it inside to track.


It's the default tab that stores information about the campaign: such as the description, allowed regions, category of the campaign, restrictions, allowed traffic sources, and price.

Can I edit materials?
Yes - the system is made to create a campaign with editing capabilities - after you create a campaign you can open and in the bottom - you will see "Edit" button, other users in the platform can already use your offer from a campaign list - and generate traffic to you. So, if you've made a mistake - warn your team and partners before performing any action.

This is a link creator for detailed tracking of the campaign. You can create a link to track different traffic source results (for example, you create a link for Facebook or Instagram and review which one is performing better). The other way is tracking different marketing teams within the same campaign (for example, create two links, one “for team A”, another “for team B”. This way, you can review the results of the teams you hire to provide you with marketing services and gain traffic. With Prorsuma , you will get the best results.

How to Create a "Link"
1.Choose a domain from the list. (we can add you - just ask)
2. Select a traffic source that you will be using
3. Name it so you can recognize it later
4. Review all the links in a list on the right - copy/delete them.

Budget Planner
This unique solution is suitable for those who have multiple marketing teams or a company on a contract. This tool allows you to put in the data your marketing partner provides before starting the job. So that after the marketing company is over and you are reviewing the results, you can compare the expected figures and the final result. Or you can give a new plan to your marketing team. Just count/plan/review - all those promises that your marketing team is giving are now on paper, and you can track them to see if the final result meets the expectations. The result appears in the simple table, and we also provide the dashboard to review the result.

How to "Plan a Budget" 
 1. Open or create a campaign in "My Campaigns" - for Advertiser/ "Publesher" - for publishers
 2. Click on the "ID" or "Name" - a pop-up window will open
 3. You will see the tab on the right, named "Budget Planner"
 4. Enter the "Time gap" and "Planned Dates"
 5. Click "Save"
 6. Review results in the table or at the "Dashboard" page

Tracking code for every action that your future lead will ever perform on any of your platforms, e-commerce - tracking visits to the pages, reviewing specific items, adding items to the basket, or purchasing them with or without payment - now it's all traceable. Basic landing page with plan registration to delegate them to your sales team, or just monitoring - we can do it all!


How to Create & use Tags
1. Create a campaign in "My Campaigns"
2. Scroll down to "Callback type" and select which one you will use
3. Go back to "Offers", click on the created campaign and scroll down to click "Attend"
4. After that, navigate to "My Campaigns", click on your campaign and navigate to the "Tags" tab
5. Inside "Tags", choose which callback you will use and copy the CODE
6. Go to your "Project" or pass the CODE to the developer and ask him to put it inside the block of the action you want to track




True data about all your leads are reflected here. You get a real vision that will show parameters like "First and Last visit" on the campaign that you created. Everything is tracked by date and time, and the current location is defined - the country and city of the IP address. If you need more data - we got it. We also review the device's OS of the use and actions on Callbacks "tags" that you activated - we provide a source link that your client used and give that source an ID to track suspicious activity in our "Anti-Fraud" solution. And even more - we are also calculating planned data and your CPA cost to provide you with information on how much you spend on that specific client to review your profit.

Special Feature (not available yet)
We provide the category analytics through all our traffic sources on the specific campaign, and if the algorithm faces the client in source, it shows how many channels he was using to get to the offer. For example, you do the marketing campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram. On Facebook, you represent your brand and tell stories; on Instagram, you show the reviews of your products. On Telegram, you offer great solutions and discounts, so it means that you can calculate the perfect scheme for your marketing campaign to reach the maximum results in getting more leads.