We provide our partners with software solutions inside our marketplace. You can choose and add them inside one platform.


A helpful feature to any business that provides a service registration for a person to a specific date/time is the ability to assign a personal employee to solve his personal needs. Adding a simple module to your already working homepage will take you less than 5 minutes to integrate and will include simple contact data such as name/phone/e-mail/ & other personal data, and you can add a specific address of your service. For example, you have multiple barbershops - you can select a specific barbershop and select a specialist you want to see. All data will be displayed in a beautiful calendar with colorful illustrations on with dates the service is available, with a specific employee - that all come with huge data tables where you can proceed with the rest of the work, review the hobbits of an individual client, and more.


The unique set of features every e-commerce platform must have. Ability to fully integrate with our partner's software and “Prorsuma” software solutions. Our e-commerce platform can be personalized to fit clients' business needs. Soon we will open a Sandbox - so we can take the “Core” of our products and take side developers to create more useful features that clients want to see in a modern E-commerce platform, as well as our features and partner integrations.


Fast integration with any e-commerce or other solution that you use. With the warehouse solution, you can track and navigate your supply chains. Manage your workloads, even in busy periods, and manage your tasks faster without errors. Visibility of operations is the key factor of being more successful by tracking every move in your business. Connect all of your printers and scanners and other devices with our warehouse solution to create a chain of work processes that will automate your processes and add the ability to review them in a data set. It will help you to analyze and optimize your work processes. I will also provide bigger numbers of items that you can deliver and clients that you can service.

Software for Hotels

Control your hotel or motel of any size. Create a group or corporate bookings easily, with different customizable payment rules. A hotel reservation report helps you know what are your client's needs. Track your Housekeeper's tasks and review the rates. Look at the occupancy percentage in your dashboard. Connect your hotel to OTAs like, Expedia, Agoda, and other online distribution systems. Eliminate overbooking as a word from your service, because your business is automated. Room selling is easy. Take note, check your email, do fast calculations, and customize your theme how you want, any color, and background.

Auto service

Increase your performance and get rid of papers, by choosing an auto platform solution to monitor your client's vehicle's status, the employee assigned to the current vehicle, fills in the database to review when the last time you changed the oil, tires, brakes, or other components. You will have total control of the client data, and you will be able to offer them more services - which will lead to more sales. That means more work, and more money for your company to come. Also, we are providing renting software for auto and Moto vehicles, and many other service-controlling features that every auto service business needs to have these days - to make the business transparent.
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