Campaign management
Get the Full Picture of your traffic sources & control your marketing materials in one place.
  • Tag manager

    Add a tag to review a better understanding of which stage your client had stopped or what was his path on your website.

  • URL campaign builder

    Easily generate a URL with a custom domain to attach it to a unique traffic source. Track the results from individual sources & don’t get blocked.

  • Marketing Budget Planner

    If you have some agreements with a specific agency or team on marketing results - you can type them and compare them with end results

  • Individual User Reports

    Explore the full picture of your client, from which device, from which country, and how regular users are interacting with you’re service.

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Traffic management
Analyze & automate your traffic to get the best results possible, while spending less time & money.
  • Intelegent A/B test

    Redirect and test different types of marketing content with a test audience - to choose the best and increase your ROI

  • Data visualization

    A dashboard will show real data about your - planned budget, existing campaigns, click conversions, and more.

  • Automate actions

    Take any offer, test or URL select a parameter that we have in the list, assign an action to that parameter and keep the focus.

  • Duration editor

    Choose a date and time to start your A/B Test, and assign an endpoint so that you won’t lose attention or lose money on it.

  • Play/Pause

    Ability to add action and immediately stop or redirect the traffic from your test offers or pause them for a while and restart.

  • Reporting system

    Informative data reporting tables to review separate tests and compare them. Data that can be put into automatization

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Fraud management
The solution that will help to visualize your incoming traffic and protect against fraud
Switch on Anti-Fraud
Fraud management
The solution that will help to visualize your incoming traffic and protect against fraud
  • Suspicious traffic blocking

    Track fraud activity by analyzing them in different channels, IPs, fingerprints, heatmaps, etc.

  • Real-time rejection

    Select and apply action to a group of clients or a traffic channel to start action from a list.

  • Transparent reports

    A live reporting table with a dashboard will give you a full picture of what is going on.

  • S2S authorization.

    With Server-to-server integration and whitelist verification, you will not get false traffic callbacks.

  • Unique signatures

    Every user will get uniqe id in our database,so we can find his credentials in other offers.

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Business Management
Rebuild your daily tasks and simplify processes inside your company
  • Manage tasks

    Create a personal board - where you can place Tasks and assign them to team members with the KaiZen system.

  • New employee education

    A Customizable knowledge base - where you can structure data for a new employee & the implementation will be easy.

  • Cloud files storage

    Personalized cloud storage for team members. Store secure files, share them with our team, and be always connected.

  • Custom funnels

    Create a funnel for HR agents to store new employees or use it as a CRM feature to store your new clients.

All that and other features you can - Try
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  • Marketplace

    Access all of our features and plans at our store. Review and connect our SAAS partners & API in one place.

  • Billing information

    Review your bills, add a deposit to your account & pay instantly. Manage all your purchased features or plans.

  • Users Management

    Invite new users, assign their roles, and provide access to selected features or purchased plans in one place.

  • Account Security

    Edit account details, set the IP whitelist, and set a PIN to lock your screen to secure your account.

  • MailBox

    Connect your mailbox, review all your incomingletters and control everything in one place.

  • Chat

    Communicate with your team, simply search by nickname and instant feedback on your account.

  • Notes

    Leave a personalized note inside your account that nobody can see, simply type and it will autosave.

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