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Split Testing

It's a perfect solution to find and test your audience by splitting the traffic inside the system; checking different designs or colors on the banners or landing pages. Easy to understand and track the conversion results, collected in the special table. There, you will see from which moment until which it is active. You will also get all the data you need - clicks/conventions/sales.

How to Create
1.Hit the “Create” button, and the pop-up will appear
2. Fill in the name
3. Choose your traffic source - it is an existing “Campaign” form the “Offers” page or a new link
4. Select the method of splitting a split to another “Campaign” from “Offers” or new “URL”  - don’t forget to put in the % of the traffic that you want to split in a specific campaign/link
5. You can add more campaigns/links to split and select your percentage
6. Put the Dates from and till when this “Split Test” will work.
7. Hit the “Create” button below

(You can pause/play  the “Split Test” delete or edit it in the table)