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A Client Relationship system (CRM) is designed to monitor your incoming “leads” and sort them, review the number of future clients, as well as their status. It also allows reviewing the amount of profit that the client can bring in card and total in a column.

How to Use‚Ä®

Enter the project “Funnel” by clicking on the gray block with the name of the project. Inside the project, you can see the following columns:
 - Unsorted: you can add manually the “Lead” in the column by clicking the “Add” button or getting it from your integrations from the form.
 - First Contact: in this field, you should move the clients from whom you already reserved some feedback, and you are on the way to making an offer
 - Commercial Offer send: If the communication is successful, you can send your offer or other documents to the client & also store a copy of the documents through our “Cloud Files” solution
 - Closed: Move only those clients who accepted all the offers in the Funnel card: you will get a closed date for the client.
 - Rejected: If the client is not happy with the offer, or just rejects it, you can place them in this column, so that you can collect them to communicate later.

Funnel Card
 - You can edit the field about your client's contact information (name, e-mail, phone)
 - Add in which offer you are trying to push and its price
 - Review - contains information on when the clients were placed or created, when the manager started working and when the client was closed.
 - Add Personnel files & Documents - for each client to monitor which files were sent to the client
 - List: a position where the client is right now
 - Delete: to remove the client
 *Monitor each activity in "Activity block" and leave comments.
!!! Do not forget to press “Save” after operations.