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Displaying information about incoming traffic, campaigns, lead performance, platform, and devices that are used by the leads to quickly review and give a conclusion about the whole work process. We are currently working to integrate new features for controlling other roles in the system, not just the traffic engenders and marketing partners but for all categories available on our platform. Our next project will be called Dashboard Market. How to use and monitor it, you might wonder. There's no need to put special effort into it - this tool will take data from the campaign and display it automatically.


*How to use First 3 blocks

These three blocks represent Real/Average/Planned - metrics such as Clicks/Conversions/Revenue, and they were invented to make your life easier. You don't have to make calculations anymore - it's enough to look at the figures and see: "Okay, this month there are 10 000 conversions, while the average per month is 7000. Well, things run smoothly." Besides, you can add planned data and compare your expectations versus reality. Each block has a simple filtering system: - the "Data" filter can show and compare two parameters from the list (Real, Average, Planned), while the "Campaign" filter shows all data from all campaigns. You can also choose an individual campaign: "Date: day/week/month/custom date" - to show the time gap for a campaign.

*How to Use Large compare block

Compare data in a big graph to see where you have missed something to reach your maximum. Choose two pairs to compare: "Click/ Conventions/ Revenue/ CPC / Budget" and pick any Date solution in the date filter "day/week/month/custom date" to see the time gap for a campaign. Sorry, other options are currently in the process of development. To get more information, you can contact our support team. Our experts will contact you shortly. Thank you!