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The perfect system for task tracking/management and support, tailored to suit your needs. At Prorsuma, we love the Kaizen system philosophy and try to deliver the path that is in the Kaizen to our boards. You can create multiple boards, assign them to your teams, assign tasks to your team members personally inside the boards. Create a "sprint" so you can plan your week and work to finish all the tasks.

How to Use

1. Press "Create New Board"
 2. Open a new board and create your lists or choose one of the templates - just press "+add another list"
 3. Add cards to one of the lists at the main template - we use: "In Plan/ Working on/ On Testing/ Got Question/ Finished" - where each list represents a status within the card (task) is placed, therefore, it is easy to track any task. Just press "add a card".

Card capabilities

 -Assign: you can assign your team member to look after the card and the task inside
 - Status: change the status ("Open, Closed") to view the current status
 - Priority: change the priority ("Low, Middle, High") to show the importance level
 - Attach Files: upload files that are related to the task that you are working on
 - Due Date: set the deadline for the task to have better control of your timeframe
 - List: Offers an option to switch between lists
 - Delete: ability to Delete the card

Boards Menu

 - Boards: you can quickly switch between boards
 - Notifications: review all the actions on the current board
 - Archive: View archived cards - to renew them or delete the board
 - List: the unique method to review all the cards within one list, create a "weekly sprint", check the activity of the board.