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It's a great solution that will help you take less time to track your activity. The Automatization tool will do the job for you. Just write the scenarios on each action - even on split testing. If you use automatization correctly, you will never need to revise your old campaigns again.  We are also working on an AI solution, which will take control of your campaigns and make your life easier. 

How to Create
 1. Click on the "Create" button
 2. Fill in the name with the automatization - to track them later
 3. Choose your traffic source - it is an existing “Campaign” from the “Offers” page or a new link or Split test that you created.
 4. Set up Duration - dates from - till this will work. Then, activate the terms.
 5. Set up your terms (example: choose a term: “CR” (Conversion Rate %), select the option "less", then add condition - number, for example, 10% - that will mean - if the conversion rate is less than 10% within the duration, one of these actions will be activated: Notify, Disable campaign, Split traffic.