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Monitor your incoming traffic sources to see if your marketing partner provides you with real leads. We are sorting them in our adapted system where metrics like "IP, Fingerprint, Heatmap, Actions, Duration" are calculated. In the end, the leads are categorized as "Real" or "Suspicious".

 Fraud Levels
The algorithm is working in the 9.0 point system, where:
 0.0 - 2.9 - is a legit lead and have no signs of fraud
 3.0 - 5.9 - have signs of suspicious activity and needs to be reviewed
 6.0 - 9.0 - is a potential fraud

Table Data
 - Date: when the lead appears
 - Website ID: which webpage the lead comes from
 - Campaign: will send you to the "My campaign" page, where the link was generated
 - Level: shows the points of fraud
 - Client: data from our funnel system
 - IP: the current IP address that the lead was using
 - Fingerprint: fingerprint data from leads that we take
 - Heat maps: display heat map history to review and compare
 - Actions: shows the number of clicks and how many are unique

Duration Table

Represents the results of the week and data for each day, where you can monitor each lead.